Believe everything you read on a census?

Not necessarily, as the example brought to our February 2013 meeting by one of our members proved.

One resident of the UK home as filled in by the head of the household read…..

Name and surname: Tobit Crackit  age 8

Relation to head of family: Tom Cat

Marriage Particulars: Married with 16 children born alive; 16 children still living

Occupation: Mouse catcher, soloist and thief

Birthplace: Birkenhead

Nationality: Cheshire cat

Infirmity: Speechless

The head of the family had also added a postscript to his form.

It reads “ All the above mentioned have breakfast, tea and supper, eat standard bread, drink sterilised milk, sleep with windows open, and wash our sheets once a week. Etc.

God save the King.

R.S.V.P.   Rest in Peace.”

I wonder if Tobit Crackit’s information made the statistics!