F G Hicks

One of the stories from the 2013 project: Who were they? People who shaped Victor Harbor and for whom our parks and reserves are named.


F G Hicks Reserve is situated on Krill Court, off Minke Whale Drive, which leads off Jagger Road, Encounter Bay.

This pretty reserve on the banks of a man-made small lake, is named after Frederick George Hicks, a member of the Hicks property developing family. The Hicks subdivision surrounds the area.

F G Hicks was born 11 July 1903 and lived in Victor Harbor during his childhood. On 12 July 1930, he married Dorothy Rosalind Wright, born 28 February 1902, in the Methodist Manse at Parkside.

Miss Wright’s grandfather was Captain Joseph Wright, Master Seine Fisher and Channel Pilot, who left Penzance, Cornwall, England, in 1836 to initiate Seine and Trawl fisheries on the South Coast for the South Australian Company. He was in charge of two vessels and piloted ships at Kangaroo Island and Port Adelaide. Wright Island is named in his honour.

F G Hicks died in 1981 and Dorothy in 1999.