John W Crompton Jnr

One of the stories from the 2013 project: Who were they? People who shaped Victor Harbor and for whom our parks and reserves are named.

John W Crompton Jnr Reserve

John W Crompton Jnr Reserve is a situated on the corner of Tabernacle Road and Nicolas Baudin Drive, Encounter Bay. This reserve has direct access to popular Encounter Lakes and contains a children’s playground with an adjacent car park.

John William Crompton was a farmer of Back Valley. He was also a wool and skin buyer and was probably the most prosperous of the Back Valley community. By 1927 he owned about 4,700 acres with about 1,000 acres sown to subterranean clover and carrying 2½ sheep to the acre.

He introduced the first car into the valley, a 1924 Dodge. He probably had a rough ride in his Dodge over the Back Valley roads then – they were even worse than most roads in Victor Harbor/Encounter Bay.

John Crompton was part of the Inman Valley Fire Control Committee formed about 1934.

Crompton’s wife, Doris May died at Back Valley on 13 September 1949, aged 56 years and John William himself died at Burnside on 14 January 1966, aged 80 years. Both are buried in the Victor Harbor Cemetery.