Lorne Mayfield

One of the stories from the 2011 project: Who were they? People who shaped Victor Harbor and for whom our parks and reserves are named.

photo of Lorne Mayfield Reserve

Lorne Mayfield Reserve is on the corner of Mill Road and Poltong Crescent, Encounter Rise.

Lorne was the daughter of Albert Warland and Charlotte Cakebread, and one of six children. Albert was the son of Edward Warland who was born at sea while his parents sailed to South Australia on the Singapore in 1839. Edward’s occupations included farmer and hotel proprietor. He lived at Pt Elliot and Victor Harbor. His son Albert was born 1873, and during his lifetime was an important figure in Victor Harbor community affairs.

Lorne Heywood Warland was born in Encounter Bay on 5 June 1905. She married Kenneth Clarke on 14 June 1930 in Newland Memorial Congregational Church, Victor Harbor. Sadly, she was widowed when Kenneth died on 27 December 1953. Later, she was married to Bert Cakebread and widowed a second time.

There is a romantic story to the third marriage, which Pat Uppill tells in her Mayfield Family History. Oscar Tooley Mayfield and Lorne Warland knew each other as young people, but lost touch when Lorne, for health reasons, went to live in the Flinders Ranges at Angorichina. Oscar and Lorne met again in 1980, and the romance was rekindled. They married, but had only a short time together as Oscar died on 25 July 1981. Lorne herself died on 23 June 1997 at the age of 92 years.