Edward Truslove

One of the stories from the 2011 project: Who were they? People who shaped Victor Harbor and for whom our parks and reserves are named.

photo of Truslove Reserve

Truslove Reserve is situated on the corner of Maude Street and Bay Road, Encounter Bay.

Edward Truslove (1820-1880), a carpenter, was an early settler to the South Coast. In the late 1840s, he settled in Encounter Bay with his wife, Mary Ann, née Davidson (1822-1906). They had no family.

It is possible that Edward worked as a carpenter for a few years. In 1855, he opened a general store and post office on the site where Truslove Reserve and a memorial stone now stand. The shop was still standing in the mid 1980s, but has since been demolished. Like most of the stores of the era, Edward carried a vast range of goods. As well as hardware items, he stocked groceries and drapery — even wine and spirits. The goods were brought in on the trading ships of the day.

The Trusloves were staunch members of the Tabernacle Church, and Edward was one of the first undertakers in the district.

In about 1873, as well as running their store, the Trusloves took over the Encounter Bay flour mill. One day in 1874, Edward Truslove was travelling back from Adelaide in a horse and cart with Ezra Robinson. When they were just out of Reynella, there was an accident and the cart turned over. Edward’s leg was broken when Ezra Robinson fell on top of him. Help soon arrived as Thomas Higgins, another South Coast settler, was following the two men in his cart. Ezra and Edward were removed to the Reynella Hotel, where Ezra died shortly afterwards.

In 1878, Edward and his wife Mary left the mill and sold their store to John Reid, and moved north to Orroroo. Two years later, on 3 March 1880, Edward died in Orroroo, aged 60 years. His widow, Mary Ann Truslove returned to the South Coast to be near her younger sister, Jane Ferrier (1827-1902) and brother-in-law, Peter Ferrier, also childless. Peter (1831–1909) was at one time Chairman of the District Council. He and Jane built a home on the corner of Torrens and Victoria Streets. Mary Truslove may have lived with them or in her own home. She died in 1906, and is buried in Victor Harbor cemetery.


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